Free Download Wish List Apps For Android and IOS

After the invention of the computer in the early nineties, it became day by day smarter and have revolutionized all fields of life till now, it has made life more easy and convenient, on one click without physical effort you can perform your daily routine works. Like other areas of life, the computer provides you with easy and convenient shopping.

Free Download Wish List Apps For Android and IOS


Nowadays using different shopping applications you can create Wish List, Buy online items of your choice within your specified budget. Organize parties for your friends and through gifts to your loved ones. In this busy life, you have the facility to save time, download wish list apps and buy items of your choice while sitting in your office or home. You don’t need to wonder about things all and don’t waste time to find items of your choice. Now you can find items more easily on the internet of your choice.

You can download online shopping apps or visit shopping websites on your smartphone. It doesn’t concern if you are an android user or iPhone user because all apps are available both as well as for windows. If you are irritated to go out in shopping Malls or rush places you can enjoy shopping sitting at your homes. Online shopping applications provide more comfort and more convenient to use in daily routine life. You can enjoy different features of shopping, discounts and gifts. This is a wonderful revolution in shopping field.


One major drawback of online shopping is a threat from hackers, be aware and alarmed you may lose money from these peoples. Take instructions of online shopping seriously, now cyber wings are active against hackers. Security of credit cards now a day is satisfactory.

Some of Wish List apps are discussed below:

Gift Buster:

It is a very amazing application, you can share your ideas and wishes. You will receive notifications of your friend’s birthdays or wedding anniversaries. You can watch wish List of your friends and share yours with friends or family members, also shear ideas. Gift buster will reduce confusion about suggesting gifts for your love ones. It has a very amazing interface well designed, users feel no irritation while using this application. You can add stuff on your wish list from others, create your own idea or browser ideas. Care your loved ones by using Gift Buster. It is easy available on the App Store/Play store, furthermore, you can download it from this website by clicking on the download button.


This is another unique app of its own kind, Giftster allows you to create groups and share ideas private or publically. You can invite your friends and love ones, get gifts of your wish list according to events like anniversary, Birthday, religious events and national events. This app provides you with a very good and easy to use interface ease to use. Moreover, it is easily available to its users, can download it from its official website and play store. User doesn’t feel irritated while using this application easily available you users, download on this web site by clicking on the download button.


Doni helps you to organize parties for your friends. Create a wish list and organize birthday parties and anniversaries parties, set goals using it. This is very easy to use very exciting application settings. Make your events beautiful using this application.  This is very easy to download on play store/App store. You can download is using hit on the download button and start downloading it.


Estimate gives you other features than that of other wish list apps, allows you to create budget. It will show you items in allocated budget. This is unique feature in Estimate, you can care for love ones and able to build good relationship. It is very easy to use, and download. Go to official web site or click download button and start downloading it. The estimate provides very good experience to its users. It is easily available on play store and App store.

Gift List Manager:

It is much difficult to organize your shopping, for birthdays, for universities. Create you wish lists for events enter your stuff, this is a unique application connected through Email. It is very convenient to use, brilliant application to use, you will not feel irritated because these is no ambiguities. It is very wonderful shopping application. Store you photographs and wish list by using an email address. Most amazingly it is easily available to its users, you can download it from here by just hitting the download button. This is an amazing application of shopping management.


Amazing wish List application provides you unique feature of registering your gifts to buy them. Register items to buy for next time, market different gifts from different web sites. It is very easy to use and very comfortable to use, because it has a very responsive, interacting interface. Users can download it from the App Store/Play Store. You can also download it you can also download it by visiting the official website. WishMindr cares about users and makes events special. Download it and start using its amazing features.


Using this application can help you in building very good relationships, it will help you in reminding events occurring related to your friends. If you don’t remember birthdays of your friends this application will send you notifications related to upcoming events. Also, IOS and Android users are able to enjoy this application. You can also download this application using by hitting the download button. For your friends, you can buy things by creating your wish list, add stuff you want to buy.

Wish Works:

Create a wish list on this application, share with your friends and family members. Never forget an upcoming event may be religious, national, cultural, local events. Be first to wish on special days to your friends and love ones. It is a very exciting application enjoy its feature on IOS as well as Android. Easily available on App store/ play store or go to the official website. You can also download it on by just clicking on the download button. Download using this link start using enjoying features.

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