War Robots Mod Apk v6.0.1 (Unlimited Gold and Silver + OBB) 2021

“The best shooting Robot game is there for you.”

If you are a lover of action games or action movies, then War Robot Mod Apk is available for you to fulfill your desires. In the modern world, robots have taken human place, and everything becomes so smart and comfortable. People use robots in wars for survival and to save human lives. Robots have extra powers then humans, now everything becomes mechanical and automatic.  You can capture the criminals using robots in the city. Robots have lots of tools and extra speed to take back the city from criminals.

War Robots Mod Apk v6.0.1 (Unlimited Gold and Silver + OBB) 2020

App NameWar Robots Mod Apk
Requires4.1 and up
APK Size536.1 MB
MOD Features
- Unlimited bullets
- Infinite missiles

War Robots Mod Apk v6.0.1 Download Latest Version

War Robots Mod Apk v6.0.1

Download War Robots Mod Apk v6.0.1

Similarly, in this game, you are just like a robot who wants to save the whole city from the group of six iron men. This vulnerable group having a lot of powers wished to spoil the city, but if you have a single powerful robot, then you will be able to fight against enemies and save your city.  With a lot of types of equipment, powers, and weapons, the speed of your robot will be increase. War Robot Mod Apk provides you with a lot of gold and silver to buy weapons and extra powers.


War Robots Mod Apk v6.0.1 (Unlimited Gold and Silver + OBB) 2020

Before starting the game, click on the upper right corner of your front page and change the game settings according to your need.  You can choose the enemy groups and your robots to fight.  And on the bottom right corner. After all the adjustments start your fight with incredible powers and reasonable control, it would help if you had an excellent internet connection and complete concentration for enjoying every .moments. If you miss one moment, the whole game will be out of control.  So enjoy the War Robot Mod with unlimited resources.

What’s New?

A big map appears on the top of your screen in which peaceful valleys appear. There are lots of robots available like Haechi and Bulgasari; you can choose any of them to fight. Besides, the robots War Robot Hacked version provides you high, medium, and extra-powerful weapons, machine guns, kinetic weapons that can damage the durable physical shields.

War Robots Mod Apk v6.0.1 (Unlimited Gold and Silver + OBB) 2020

There is a black market available; here you can buy anything you want.  If you have lost all of your weapons, then go to the black market and acquire new once. So just with a single click, you can enter in this fantastic world and set your name in the list of top shooters.

Download War Robots Mod Apk+ Hacked version:

 Although hack doesn’t mean you are going to hack the game. WarModbot hack Mod is an action game, and you need to find money, weapons, gold, silver, and only the hacked version that provides you with these entire things for fighting. These hacks are a little bit tricky but give you a lot of money and gold. Because of all these fantastic features, this game is much popular among the youngsters.

Download War Robots v6.0.1

It’s quite easy and straightforward to download the game, and you can enjoy much of its services and incentive resources. Because of this extra enjoyment, you can’t stop yourself from playing the thrilling match. So download the War Robots Mod Apk latest version in your Smartphone and enjoy the game. Follow these simple steps to download the game.

War Robots Mod Apk v6.0.1 (Unlimited Gold and Silver + OBB) 2020

  1. This game is much simplified and readily available on the play store. Find it and install War Robot Mod Apk in Smartphone.
  2. Click on the install option, and your application will be ready to install.
  3. Complete the installation process and download your file/app.
  4. But before starting your app, go to setting->security->administrator->enable unknown resources.
  5. Start your shooting with amazing robots.
  6. What is the OBB data file, and how to install it?
  7. For any online action or fighting game, you must need to have extra money, gold, weapons, silver, and ungraded versions of your robots. To get these things, you need to spend a lot of effort and a lot of time. You have to save the life of your robot and others in your team.  But now all these in your hand download OBB file and get unlimited gold, money, weapons, powers, strengths, silvers, free black market, etc. this allows you to play freely with unlimited money + gold + unique machines.

Most Interesting Features:

  • More than 50 fighter robots, there are many unique powers available.
  • Along with this, many fighting styles and power control options for you. Easily you can select the option according to your choice.
  • Many powerful weapons like plasma guns, machine guns, and listic missiles are in the black market. You can easily buy favorite weapons to fight like a robot.
  • It provides you best combination of robots, machines and their weapons.
  • Even for the beginner’s particular guidelines available, then if you don’t know how to play the latest version, read the instructions and start play.
  • It provides your fantastic platform to enhance your skills in shooting. One of the best features, you can get an experience of real-time fire.
  • Playing with friends makes the game more exciting. You can add your friends to the game and play with them online.
  • There is no need to become a professional or as a team player, for beginners to play and can complete your challenges alone.
  • Many updates of this game develop a new interest in the gamer.
  • High-quality music, 3D graphics, and many unique options make the game more entertaining. High-quality music also creates an environment battlefield.


If you are crazy about action and shooting games or you like to play with some fantastic robots, then this is the most significant advantage for you. With a lot of machines, battlefields, graphics, warriors, and the incredible sound of the game makes it more interesting.  Besides the shooting lover, this is also for those who like an adventure. Because of these standard features, people are crazy about it. Download now the War Robot Hacked version and enjoy endless entertainment and experience.

War Robots Mod Apk v6.0.1 (Unlimited Gold and Silver + OBB) 2020


Is this game is safe to play?

Yes! This game is entirely safe for everyone.

Can we download its hacked version or OBB file?

Yes, the hacked version and OBB file are available on the internet. You can easily download it from the internet.

Is the game is available on the play store?

Yes, all the latest versions of the War Robot Apk are available on the internet.

War robots hack

Mode robots mod Apk unlimited gold

War robots mod Apk unlimited money and gold

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