Free Download VidMate APK for Android Latest Version

If you are an android user you should be very familiar with Vidmate APK. It is a very amazing app for video loving people. This application is very useful for downloading videos from social media apps like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. User is very convenient in downloading their favourite videos for watching later. It is free of disturbing and exhausting advertisements. Vidmate APK users to download videos with their choice of resolution. And amazingly it provides ultra HD videos to download, this app is very familiar with the android user in sub-continent. It is a very big facility for people to download important videos for their business and study purpose. Initially, it was developed in India, You will be amazed to listen that you can also download any video from YouTube.

Free Download VidMate APK for Android Latest Version

Millions of peoples use YouTube but they feel very irritated while downloading. Vidmate is very user friendly and provides easy downloading. And if you love songs then nothing more can be helpful, because it provides you with the feature of converting video music with audio, users can convert it into MP3 media. The interface is designed in a very professional manner when the user opens it there is no ambiguity. It is very useful in the conversion of files.



There is a diversity of websites including Facebook, YouTube and Twitter. Users can download videos from any of these ranges approximately a thousand websites and over 200 streaming channels.


               File conversing is very easy by using this tool. Especially user feel very convenient in the video to audio conversion. It is very helpful for music lovers, it provides much ease in downloading music. And the user is able to make albums on it. Easily convertible in MP3 format.

Easy to Use;

               There is no ambiguity on its user interface, the user can easily assess its features and able to download videos of interest from social media apps. The user-friendly environment is provided by developers, open it and just hit video of your interest and touch downloading sign.

Desktop users:

               Desktop users can also enjoy the features of this tool. They will also feel easy and convenient while using this app. This is provided over the windows operating system.


It provides users with a secure environment and it doesn’t access personal information about the user. Only a little permission is required. People feel secure while using this and enjoy it.

Free of the cast:

               Its updated versions are also free of cast and don’t demand cast for using premium features of the app. Enjoy using the tool there will be no disturbance and remain in a secure environment. Unlike other apps, no subscription pays for using premium features.


               During downloading videos you are provided with options of resolution you want in the video. You can download videos in;

  • 240 px
  • 360 px
  • 480 px
  • 720 px
  • 1080 px
  • 4k

Easy downloading:

Free Download VidMate APK for Android Latest Version

                              Don’t need additional queries to make just need to hit video of your interest and click downloading sign, it will take time according to your internet connection. Very easy there is no irritation while downloading unlike other methods & tools used in downloading.


As usually make its users able to share content available with friends and love ones. Sharing is also very easy and no need for long steps and references.


    • Require necessary external memory.
    • Make sure the internet.
    • Go to Vidmate official website.
    • Download its latest version.
    • Install app.
    • Launch it.

   Download vidmate

Permission required:

  • Access external storage(for downloading)
  • Access WIFI
  • Access media player


               After installing this tool enjoy watching movies dramas and programs and download for later watch in a secure, easy and convenient environment. Get a brilliant experience with this tool and keep enjoying the latest updates to continue your entertainment. It provides you with a better opportunity in an irritation-free mod to enjoy movies, dramas and music. After installing this tool you are able to turn any video into

MP3 media.


This tool is secure and doesn’t access your personal information, additionally, it provides a better environment, unlike other apps. Gives free downloading facility of videos helps music lovers to enjoy music without any irritation also adds the feature of video conversion into MP3 format. It is advertisement free and no ambiguity/irritation. Provides user excellent UI which helps in ease of using the tool.


                                             Most YouTube users are interested in downloading videos but they commonly feel very irritated due to repeated steps and lengthy processes. This same as Instagram and Facebook users are interested in downloading videos, but they are hardly able to download. By using this tool you can download videos without difficulty and iteration. Download unlimited videos from YouTube with ease and enjoy watching.

Free Download VidMate APK for Android Latest Version


The main disadvantage is for IOS users they are unable to enjoy this tool features. In some cases, it responds slowly also depends upon the capability of your device and internet connection. If you have the latest device then it will respond efficiently. In very rare cases streaming problems may occur. It is a video downloader tool so that users are unable to edit videos with this app.


How to download Vidmate?

Open your browser and go to Vidmate official website. Download the app and install it. It may take time but depends upon your device capability if you have a new technology device than it will not take much longer time. After installation lunch app and start using Vidmate.

How to download videos from Vidmate?

It is very easy, just open the app you will see interface and tape on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram or any other of your interest. Search videos and select anyone, after selecting the app will recommend you download the video you can download by just clicking the download button.

Is this a secure application?

Yes! It’s a very secure application. You will feel secure during use, it keeps the security of your personal data.

How to download on iPhone?

                                             IOS users are unable to enjoy this app feature only android users are able to use this feature and install this. iPhone user is not yet able to take this application.

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