Top Artificial intelligence Apps 2021 for IOS and Android

Now a day’s Artificial intelligence is one of the most emerging fields. This technology helps to make the machine smarter. It helps to make machine respond best to achieve a goal, china is leading world in this field.

Top Artificial intelligence Apps for IOS and Android

The machine uses algorithms to respond in the best way in a situation. This technology is now a day’s widely using in automated products, drones and cars without drivers introduced by manufacturing companies are possible only because of this technology. Also in some applications, weak artificial intelligence is used according to user behaviour for example in chess battle. There are two types of artificial intelligence:

  • Weak artificial intelligence.
  • Strong artificial intelligence.

Strong artificial intelligence is used commonly in robotics. It is helpful for robots to show behaviour the same as humans. Making a machine smarter and intelligent. The machine is made responsive, now a days robots are working in restaurants, industries and shopping malls. It is reducing human labour with robots. The world is progressing very fast, even nowadays robots are being introduced to fight battles in superpower countries.

artificial intelligence


Weak artificial intelligence is limited to a small extent like making any application or game smarter to show most suitable. It is mostly used in games and authentication applications, as already mentioned chess is using weak artificial intelligence.

Because it is one of the latest technologies, now day’s it is very expensive, maybe with the passage of time, it becomes cheaper. The idea behind artificial intelligence is to make machine smarter as human & and show similar behaviours. It is a very amazing technologies and many countries are investing in it for research. In this age, the world is in technology war rather more than weapons. Also, artificial intelligence is using for security purposes to control violations. Safe city projects use this technology. This is a revolutionary field in computer science, it will make human life more convenient. The main idea is making robots the same as human’s computer vision and machine learning.

machine learning

Following are some Apps using this technology:



This is a very amazing application especially for students, it is very helpful in studies to find solutions. Now you don’t need to worry about your schoolwork, you can do it using this App. It is really helpful in finding problems in your course especially related to mathematics. It will provide you with more easy and different solutions. Just open your smartphone and take a picture of the problem using this application it will provide you with easy ways to find out the solution. You don’t need to ask anyone to help you. This is amazing and unique about this application. Also, this is easily available to the user because it is available on the App Store and Google play store. On give link, you can also download this app by clicking the download button.



If you are away from home in some alone place or getting bored at home because you don’t have companions with you. Or you want to express your feelings to someone, but you don’t. This application can be helpful in an emotional crisis. You can talk with it share your feelings, memories on it. Moreover, it will save your memories and important voice notes. This is very easy to use and provides you with a secure environment for conversation, this is a very amazing application. If you feel sad to be alone you must experience a wonderful application and start a conversation. This application is available for android as well as iPhone users. You can download it on given link, click the download button.



If you are working in a team, groups or in an office, by using this amazing application you can get full information of group members within no time. You can use this information in your documents and you can share it with your group members for their use. This is a very amazing application, especially for office working people. Information access is very easy you will not be irritated during work. Download this application by using given link You will have a wonderful experience using this application.

Google Allo:

  Google Allo

Sometime peoples are irritated or feel tired to reply to messages, peoples working in offices are very busy to reply to messages on their phone.  Google Allo helps in this situation, you just ask it what to type even it can catch your expressions and sense emoji according to your tone. This is a very smart application for you, send your all-important messages using this App. Also, it will save the time of users, it will do all typing for you. You can easily download it, available for both android and IOS users. You can also download it by visiting click download button. Enjoy amazing features.

Swift keyboard:


Most commonly in replying important messages mistakes occur, you have to feel embarrassment. This problem occurs with most of the people, or you are not good at spellings it can cause problems for you. If you are a smartphone user, you don’t need to be worry install swift keyboard on your cell phone because it features provides you convenience in typing messages. This is a smart application to remove your grammar mistakes as well as it can auto-correct spelling mistakes.  Chose themes, fonts and colours of your own desire. This is a very amazing application commonly available to users, you can download it from the App Store/ Play Store. Also, you can download it from Click the download button to install this app. Start enjoying amazing features.



It very amazing application, you can give commands it will respond you according to your desire. HOUND can find for you nearby Hotels, Shopping Malls, Cinemas and Restaurants. This is a wonderful artificial intelligence application and very common to smartphone users. By giving commands you can make calls to desire person, make WhatsApp calls and messages and emails to your friends. Download it from App Store/Play Store and also download it by visiting website Hit the download button. You will have a comfortable experience with this application.



If you are conscious about your body and want assistant you can’t find better assistance than Youper on the smartphone. This application will guide you about health. It will provide you with important tips on how to keep your health smart and fit. You will receive informative health notifications, this is one of the best artificial intelligence application. Most important it is available for both Android and iPhone users. Also, click on and click on download button to install. This application’s tips will be very helpful in maintaining your body’s health performance.



Nowadays in busy life man need personal assistance and artificial intelligence provides you with cheap ways of personal assistance. I will help you with reminders, sync. Options with other devices and sync. Images, files and videos. You don’t need to set your favourite games, sports and other favourites, it will sense all you don’t need to mention. This is available on App Store and Play Store, also download it from and click the download button. Enjoy this wonderful application and experience its features.



This application is available for your assistance, nowadays man needs assistance in his life due to tough schedules and busy routine life. It can help you to find ways by GPS, you can give commands by voice note as well as typing. After a heavy routine at the end, man is very tired and need some relaxation to end his boredom. It will send jokes to relax you and make you happy. Robbin is a very wonderful application download from App Store or Play Store, also you can download it from Hope so it will be very helpful for you.

Edison Assistant:

    Edison Assistant

This is commonly available to users on App Store and Play Store, also download it by clicking on link by clicking on download button besides amazingly you can download it from free, it will provide your assistance in finding ways on maps and shortest distances. Buy tickets on cinemas, airlines, trains and events and additionally provide you the facility to reserve tables on restaurants. This is helpful for you if you are a social man. You must experience this wonderful application.

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