SimCity BuildIt MOD APK Version (Unlimited Money)

SimCity Mod apk is a unique and popular game, where you have to build a city. Your role is as mayor of the city; you have to build houses in the city to bring life. Complete all needs of your city and keep Sims happy and collect the maximum tax. In SimCity Mod apk, you have unlimited coins and currency to buy items and provide ease for Sims.

SimCity BuildIt MOD APK Version (Unlimited Money)

App NameSimCity BuildIt MOD APK
Size120 MB
MOD Features
Unlimited Money

SimCity BuildIt MOD APK Download

SimCity BuildIt MOD APK Version (Unlimited Money)

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You can make your city more beautiful and attractive, and it will attract Sims to live in your city. Make the city a model for other mayors and compete them in mayor contests. It has very amazing graphics. If you want to be a mayor, it will help you and you aware of city requirements. According to EA corporation (an American corporation), it is a simulation game. It is available for free, both android and IOS users can download this game.

What are the essential tips for playing SimCity Mod apk?

Build a city

First of all build houses in the city, which attract Sims to come and live in, to make city beautiful make houses with a city plan, you can build residential zones, Paris towns, London towns, Tokyo towns, and omega buildings.

Provide Basic Facilities

To collect maximum tax from Sims, you have to provide necessary facilities like health, fire stations, sewage, waste management, police, water, and electricity. All these facilities will boost the population in the city; otherwise, Sims will start to abandon your city. You have to make a proper plan for the city.

Mayors contest

Complete assignments in mayors contest and collect Epic points. You can watch your performance as compared to other Mayors on the leader board. With maximum Epic points, you can win amazing prizes for your city. With your performance in the league, you will be permuted to the next league.

Global HQ

Buy items that are required from global HQ. You can trade with other mayors and buy things for your city. Through global HQ visit other mayor and observe the planning of other cities, you can get batter ideas for your city development.

Trade Depot

You can sell extra items produced in your city and collect coins. Other mayors will visit your city to buy things. In this way, your city visits will increase. It helps you to show your beautiful city to other mayors.

Cargo Ship Dock

Complete cargo shipments and earn golden keys. Load items on the ship in a given time, you can request for a new delivery in case you don’t have required items.


Send cargo to London, Tokyo, and Paris and collect premium items required to build London, Tokyo, and Paris towns.

Built and upgrade Roads

Sims are very irritated by traffic congestion. They don’t like traffic jams. So that build and upgrade roads with the growth of population in the city. Roads also enhance the beauty of your city, develop avenues, and boulevards.

Extend city

You can extend the city area, collect items required to add new plots in your city. A vast space is available to show your creativity. By the time a city grows, you can expand it.

Log in with Facebook

You can log in with Facebook, and you can be in contact with your Facebook friends and trade between your cities. Your city will be saved with your Facebook account whenever you install this game on your phone. Resume your past progress instead of building a new city.

How to make Sims happy?


Provide entertainment to Sims and build soccer stadiums, baseball stadium hotels, night clubs, and wedding halls. Sims become happier with entertainment services in the city, it helps attract new Sims to come to your city.


Provide transportation services to the Sims and build bus terminals, heliport, and balloon parks. Transportation services help to boost the population in the city and make the city a model for other mayors.


Mayor should build Nursery School, high school, community college, and university in your city. It helps better the growth of the city, Sims becomes happy with education zones in their city, and it is impressive for visitors. This an excellent thing to do in your city.


You can build landmarks in your city to make it attractive to other mayors and visitors to your city.  It will attract other Sims to and live in your city, and landmarks add beauty in the city. In markers, you can add churches and mosque in your city.


Parks are significant in boosting the population and make the city attractive. You have to buy tracts with coins and keys. With SimCity Mod apk, you have unlimited coins to build parks and landscapes.


SimCity BuildIt MOD APK Version (Unlimited Money)

What are the Disadvantages of Simcity Mod apk?

Due to the high quality of graphics, it consumes a lot of energy resources so that it may affect your device battery performance. It has 3D graphics, which helps to rotate the map in 360 degrees.

Is Simcity an offline game?

Yes, you can play it offline, you can say it is an offline game, but you have connected with the internet once in three days to save your city development online. While playing offline, you can’t trade with other mayors, cannot participate in mayors competition, and you will not be able to participate in the war club.

Who are developers of Simcity?

An American corporation EA have developed this game, according to the information provided by the developers of the game, it is a simulation game.

What is the file size of Simcity?

It doesn’t have a massive size; it is of only 140.9 MB. Nowadays, every smartphone supports enough big files. You can easily install it on your device.

How to download Simcity Mod apk?

Go to the download page of this page on; you can download, it will not take a long time to download. Make sure your active internet (WIFI Recommended). It is very readily available to users.

Is SimCity available for IOS users?

Yes! You can download it from the app store if you are an iPhone user.

Is SimCity APK available on Google Play Store?

For android users, SimCity APK is available on google play store, but SimCity Mod apk is not possible because it is a hacked version of this game.

How to install SimCity mod apk?

You will install manually, after downloading click on the install button, it will take some time. If the installation is completed, open the game and start building a city.

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