GBWhatsApp APK 2020 Download v9.1.0 for Android Anti-Ban | Official

GBWhatsApp APK Download: All smartphone users are well aware of Whatsapp because it is one of the most famous social media apps like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Whatsapp is well known for its features like sharing videos, audios, pictures, and documents. It is a smart way of shearing and communication nowadays. GB Whatsapp is an enhanced version of Whatsapp it uses the same protocols and licenses used by Whatsapp.

GBWhatsApp APK 2020 Download v8.30 for Android Anti-Ban | Official

It has tremendous enhanced features which user can enjoy including privacy. Users can have Whatsapp account, hide double ticks, can set online status, etc. only android users can enjoy this feature of Whatsapp, and IOS users are not yet able to enjoy this. The latest version is v8.30 and the very first version is v5.50. In this article below we are going to discuss its features advantages and disadvantages. And if you are confused about it than we are going to answer FAQs. GBWhatsApp APK Download APK v8.45 for android and smartphones.

   GBWhatsapp APK Download

Features of GBWhatsapp APK:

Broadcast message:

Users can send a broadcast message at once to 600 peoples. And able to send in different groups and can privately send a message in the group.


Amazingly! Enhance status up to 7 minutes instead of 30 seconds copy video status or written by just clicking on it.

Additionally, instead of 139 characters, you can write up to 255 characters on your status.

Share live location:

You can share your live location with your friends.


Backup your data if lost, it’s a very amazing feature.


In this version, you can create your own themes and you can send it to GBWhatsapp so other users can also use your themes. Additionally, you can use additional emoji of your own mode can be applied. Also, it can shear amazing gifs.


Hide view status and last seen ever, blue ticks and hide double ticks. Stop receiving messages from anyone you want.

Hide status:

It can hide writing and recording status.


You can set a password, activate touch id and face id.


Now you can send 90 images at a time instead of 30 images to your friends additionally send images with high resolution.

Larger files:

Send larger files up to 50 MB and larger audios, videos.


See log history of your contacts

Autoreply & filter Messages:

If you are busy can use auto-reply facility and can with the formulated feature of clear chat and filter messages.


Be aware of your friend changes his own image.


Make calls to non-contacts numbers. Change the miss calls icon and can also change the color of calls.


Whatsapp supports only 40 languages, on the other hand, this feature supports more than 100 languages of the world.


Auto download media for a specific group or a specific contact. Fix several bugs while sending videos. Change media visibility for a specific contact.

Dual Whatsapp:

Can use original Whatsapp along, without any interruption between them.


An amazing feature is that you can change the notification icon and application icons.

Revoke option:

Revoke multiple messages at once.


Copy text on your keyboard by selecting it and set a group name up to 35 characters.


In this new version you send large files to your friends and colleagues, original Whatsapp can send only 30 documents on the other hand GB Whatsapp can send 100 documents at once.

GBWhatsApp APK 2020 Download v8.30 for Android Anti-Ban | Official

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GB WhatsApp MOD Information:

APP NameGbWhatsapp APK
Android Version4.3 and Above
Latest Version9.1.0
Total Downloads4,000,000+
App size53.5 MB
Root RequiredNot Root Required
Main PurposeMod of WhatsApp with the Extra Features
Last Updated1 day ago

Advantages Of GBWhatsapp:

You can enjoy privacy measures taken by the new version of Whatsapp. Better dealing with people is possible and expect good social relations with family and friends. It is just a modified version of Whatsapp providing tremendous chatting. We recommend you its latest version but it is not necessary to update its latest version. It works properly with updating. It solves all privacy problems related to Whatsapp and provides a secure environment for chatting. Users feel convenient while using this app, additionally, it is very easy to download, download its APK and install. Installing takes a very little time depends upon your device capabilities. Enjoy using GB Whatsapp.

Disadvantages Of GBWhatsapp:

The disadvantage is the BAN problem but is it’s a very rare case and also it is resolved able. If your account is banned following procedure is to be followed:

  • Take backup.
  • Uninstall this app.
  • Then again install.

After performing the above procedure you can recover your account. Another disadvantage may occur is data security. If you don’t download proper APK file then your data security is at risk. It can fetch your personal data, you can lose your remain careful during downloading of APK file. For iPhone users, this version is not available. IOS users are unable to enjoy features of GB Whatsapp. FOR web users its main disadvantage is that it can’t be work on the WhatsApp web.

Download Guide:

  • Require external memory.
  • Download.
  • install.
  • launch.
  • Login.

How to install GB Whatsapp:

Click the download button and start downloading, it will take time according to your internet connection. we recommend you download the latest version v9.1.0

  • After downloading click on the application icon, and tap on the install button.

GB whatsapp install

  • hit the “open” button after a successful installation.

GB whatsapp install

  • verify account on your contact number. GB Whatsapp will send code, you have to verify it.

GB whatsapp install

  • you can add touch id or face id security to the GB What’s an app to keep data secure. open settings go to security and add your fingerprint/ face id.

Permission required:

  • Device location.
  • Read contacts.
  • Identity of device.
  • Access WIFI, camera, microphone.
  • Write external storage.
  • Write to contacts.
  • Access maps.


1: How Whatsapp GB works?

On Whatsapp GB you can send/receive larger files. Put audio status and put 7 min video status and more than 255 character status. It is able to send 90 images at a time and 50 MB videos can be sent using it. It provides amazing features to users. A group name can be above 35 characters using it. Shares live location, additionally, it allows users to download media for a specific group/person.

2: How to install GB Whatsapp?

 Search GBWhatsapp website, download GB Whatsapp by clicking the DOWNLOAD button chose a version of your own choice and download APK file preciously, after downloading install it and launch the app. Start enjoying GB Whatsapp …!

3: How to download on iPhone?

For iPhone users, GB Whatsapp is not yet available. iPhone users are not able to enjoy this feature.

4: How to update GB WhatsApp?

To update GB Whatsapp go and download the latest version and install it on your device. Or you can get update notifications.

5: What is GB Whatsapp is it safe?

It is a version of WhatsApp, it is secure if you download it consciously and use correct APK file for it. Yes! due to privacy measures, it is very secure and you can feel secure during using it.

6: Which is the latest version of GB Whatsapp?

The latest version of GB Whatsapp is v8.20. We recommend your latest version because it is bugs free version as compared to previous versions, and it is convenient.

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